We offer versatile shaping and finishing experiences that provide our users with a perfect blend of power and portability for optimum efficiency. Supported by the M12 and M18 battery system, Milwaukee creates a more productive jobsite with the full coverage on shaping and finishing products and solutions.

  • M18 1/4 Sheet Sander

    M18 BQSS-0
    • M18 BQSS-0
    • M18 BQSS-0X0

  • M18 125mm Random Orbital Sander

    M18 BOS125-0X0
    • M18 BOS125-0X0
    • M18 BOS125-502X
    • M18 BOS125-602X

  • M18 FUEL Belt Sander

    M18 FBTS75-0X0
    • M18 FBTS75-0X0

  • M18 FUEL Trim Router

    M18 FTR-0X0
    • M18 FTR-0X0

  • M18 Planer

    M18 BP-0C0
    • M18 BP-0C0