533mm (21’’) High Lift Mower Blade​

533mm (21’’) High Lift Mower Blade​


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  • 533mm (21“) Blade Length​
  • For use with the Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ 533mm (21“) Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower​
  • Steel material delivers increased durability and longer life​ ​
  • 2 Cutting Edges
  • Optimized blade teeth shred grass and debris into finer pieces for improved mulching and bagging performance​
  • Precision machined cutting edge delivers an improved cut quality​
  • The increased blade angle enhances air flow for improved lift and cut quality​
What's Included 4932479819​4932479819​
Product Specifications
Length (mm) 533
Height (mm) 12.7
Width (mm) 50.8
Weight (kg) 0.54