At TTi we’re reducing our impact on landfill by helping our customers to maintain and prolong the life of their products.

Environmental Regulations

Businesses involved in the supply of electrical equipment take an active role in its collection and recycling. The aim of this directive is to reduce the levels of electrical and electronic waste.

As a responsible producer, Techtronic Industries  Ltd offer take-back service to our customers where we will deal with the recycling and environmentally sound disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

To arrange this, please contact to our call center or email.

If you have to dispose of electrical equipment, make sure it is recycled safely. This will help save energy and stop harmful chemicals damaging the environment. The ‘crossed out wheelie bin’ symbol found on many electrical items means that they should not be disposed of with normal household waste.

 For further information on recycling, batteries or recycling in general please visit your local council web site for more information.