MILWAUKEE is a world leader in jobsite solutions and has a long tradition of improving safety through product innovation. MILWAUKEE has been working relentlessly to create lighting, dust management and personal safety solutions that keep our users safer and more efficient on the jobsite.


MILWAUKEE is dedicated to keeping our users safe and productive on the jobsite. Personal Protective Equipment has seen little innovation over the years, driving users to modify their gear to better meet their needs. We have taken the time to understand our users’ needs and develop PPE from the ground up, delivering Hard Hats that allow users to adapt to each job and safety glasses that can be worn all day with lasting fog-free lenses. MILWAUKEE is focused on creating innovative solutions that won’t slow users down, helping them stay safe and stay productive on the jobsite.


MILWAUKEE is committed to providing safe and versatile silica dust management solutions that help address the OSHA regulation on respirable crystalline silica dust ( 29 CFR 1926.1153 ). MILWAUKEE dust management solutions are focused on enhancing productivity. From the most universal dust extraction solutions fitting all major brands to a full range of products for floor-to-ceiling dust management, this is compliance made simple.


MILWAUKEE site lighting is the industry’s first system of high-output LED lights to offer full-day runtime in portable packages. The site lights utilize the most advanced lighting technology to deliver a consistent beam, optimized color temperature and true representation of colors and detail leading to a more productive work area. Our job site lights shine brighter, last longer and are uniquely designed to ADAPT, PERFORM and SURVIVE the daily demands of professional use.


Our Lanyards and Lanyard Accessories help users stay safe and stay productive while working at height by reducing the risks associated with dropped tools. These lanyards are engineered to provide the best shock absorption to protect users from the force of a fallen object. Weight-rated up to around 15.9kg, our lanyards and accessories are capable of tethering to a wide variety of tools and equipment.