Eliminated Corded Troubles

Conquered restrictions of gas-powered tools. Indoor areas, trenches, tunnels, mines are now safe to work in!

Lowered Vibrations

By eliminating the need for cords, you can focus on the job without worrying about tripping, shocks, or leaks. Work safer and more productively without the cords!

Enhanced Health Protection

The MX Fuel Hex Breaker vibrates the least in its class (5.17 m/s²).  Our cut-off saw features a low vibration as well (3.43 m/s²)  No more deciding between productivity and safety.

Eliminated Tedious Gas Maintenance Troubles

We offer a gasless experience which eliminates your gas maintenance troubles. Just insert the battery and go!

Introduced the Industry’s first ever cordless 25kg Breaker

Industry breakthrough for world’s first cordless User focused – create solutions in response to user frustration Always uphold safety and productivity