History of Milwaukee
Focus on the Professional User


The attention that Milwaukee took to seek out and respond to the heavy-duty needs of professionals was reciprocated with great brand loyalty on the part of its users. While consumer product ranges offered the prospect of mass sales, Milwaukee was determined to keep its premium brand standing by producing cutting-edge tools designed for professionals that reflected pride in workmanship, and delivering customer support to provide all-round service. The tools were sold mainly through authorized dealers, specialty suppliers, mail-order companies and online. The brand’s dedication to its professional group of users led it to become seen as more than a business operation but a true working partner, one dedicated to improving productivity and making a difference through the development of superior equipment while also taking user concerns over the physical impact of such power tools into consideration.

The slogan “Nothing But Heavy Duty” perfectly captured its commitment to durability. In 1999, in celebration of its 75th anniversary, Milwaukee produced limited edition SUPER SAWZALL™ Recip Saws, SAWZALL™ Plus Recip Saws and MAGNUM™ Drills as collector’s edition tools, which were received in overwhelming reception from its loyal segment of users.

By then, Milwaukee had changed owners again after Amstar was acquired by Sweden’s long-established industrial firm Atlas Copco in 1995. As part of the power tools division of the Swedish global corporation, Milwaukee gained openings to raise the brand’s presence outside its home market of North America.